Maytag Defrost Heater 63001387

Replacing obsolete defrost heater with a compatible alternative, part number: 60106-35.

The original defrost heater for Maytag refrigerator MTB1895AE  was part number 63001387 and has long been discontinued.  Unfortunately no direct replacement is available.

However, I was able to find an alternate defrost heater that is the same length as the original.  Some simple wiring modifications allowed the new heater to work.  The cost of the new defrost heater was about $20 on eBay, the listing was titled "Refrigerator Defrost Heater Whirlpool GE 60106-35 WR51X5217 AP600992 AP2071552".


Cut a length of the wire from each end of the original defrost heater and crimp a disconnect terminal to each of the short lengths of wire.  One gets a male terminal, the other a female.  Make sure that the overall length of each wire with adapter on the new heater is at least as long as the original defrost heater wire.

Connect these new wiring adapters to the disconnect terminals on the new defrost heater.

Install the heater tube to the condenser coil in the same position as the old heater and attach the wires to the refrigerator.